Our approach

Our priorities : To facilitate a permanent linguistic transition, allowing you to respond quickly and effectively to your foreign language demands

Our methodology : We understand that  adopting a new language is not limited simply to linguistic aspects, but also requires consistent practice and the comprehension of the communication methodology harnesses interactive learning and linguistic training methods designed to address these complex aspects whilst addressing your individual learning requirements.

Our training is designed to meet you linguistic requirements whether they be professional or private.   We do not follow a strict one size fits all curriculum, our methodology is customized to support the abilities and needs of each participant. We achieve this by designing training objectives customised to meet the needs of the student.  We then select a combination of course materials and training techniques that will optimise the learning process according to the training objectives.  

Our team is comprised of qualified language teachers with many years of experience teaching English, French and German to adults for both private and professional practices of a foreign culture.  Our successful usage.  We offer group and individual lesson