General language

  • To learn a language is to open a window onto a new world, exploring it, getting near to it. We are beside you in your approach, as you learn the living language and move into a situation in which you are communicating. Your autonomy in the reality of daily life is brought about naturally, in mutual confidence.

  • Whether you are a beginner or wish to refine your language ability, our courses are adapted and focused on the acquisition of the 4 skills (oral and written expression/oral and written comprehension). They can also be oriented towards either “oral” or “written”.  Lessons are run with two participants or in small groups of people having a common level and common objectives ( by availability) ,  or they can be individual.

Preparation for certification

For learners who wish to validate their linguistic ability with a recognized certification, we prepare you for examinations in line with your level: TELC.  We suggest evaluating your level and giving you feedback before the start of the training. We refer you to the criteria of: CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

  • A1 Basic level - introductory (simple questions, familiar/close environment)
  • A2 Intermediate or Survival (descriptions, simple conversations)
  • B1 Threshold  (beginning of autonomy, managing to cope, expressing one’s opinions)
  • B2 Advanced (easy comprehension and ability to converse)
  • C1 Autonomous (good mastery, expressing oneself fluently)
  • C2 Mastery (comprehension without any effort, expressing oneself spontaneously)